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 Meet Celia Lamberth the Swedish model, fashion marketing expert and environment- and nature lover. Hannah, our fashion designer and photographer, teamed up with Celia in Barcelona for some cool shots and to get an exclusive insight into Celia's not least controversial everyday life, and of course, her expert fashion input! 

“Celia, tell us a little about yourself”
I’m born in Sweden but have been living in Barcelona for the last almost (!) 10 years.
Barcelona really is an amazing city with such a cool vibe, it's easy to be spontaneous and creative here. I love fashion and today I work for a international company with big fashion retailers and try to help them with their digital marketing, so I also get to enjoy fashion in a professional way. Nature and animals are also very close to my heart, I have my own dog, Cendra, who I take out every morning on hikes to the park or the sea! 


“How did you get into fashion marketing?”
When I came to Barcelona, I did some modeling (and still do from time to time) but once I was done with my Bachelor and had to start my career, somehow the modeling switched into a great passion for fashion (hehe).


“What attracts you to our brand?” 
Well obviously that it is a super cool brand in general ;) But also produced in a sustainable way! Additionally, the products are of great quality and you can really tell it from the moment you put them on. Considering the ongoing Covid-19 situation, it is also great to have a brand that offers comfortable clothes that I’m able to use both at home and when going out. For example, the hoodie fits as good at home watching TV on the sofa, as it does out with friends or in a client meeting, combined with an oversized jacket. 


“What do you think the future of fashion will look like?”
I believe that we, the consumers, have to change the type of clothes that we demand from the fashion industry. Lately I see a lot more influencers and people around me being more aware and concerned about climate change and that makes me feel more positive about the future. I believe that comfortable fashion will for sure be a new type of fashion category that we will see a lot more of in the future. It will definitely become more of a “quality over quantity”kind of thinking.


“For young entrepreneurs, what tips would you like to share with them for a future successful business?”
Read a lot and stay up to date with the news, don’t take no for an answer and get as many connections within the business sector as possible. Also, some days you just have to go with the flow, and if you didn’t get what you wanted - it wasn’t meant to be, and a new opportunity will arise!


Ebony Crewneck

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Ebony Crewneck

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