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Baze-1 story

BAZE-1 started out as a designer dream and was created to provide basic, trendy and comfortable ready-to-wear products. 

Our brand name stands for timeless BASE-wear made with premium qualities, attention to details and the ambition to help you build a rich and long lasting BASE-wardrobe.

“In my opinion, finding the perfect, functional base-wear can be really hard. That's where the idea was born, and what the concept around BAZE-1 is built on. I created the brand for those who truly appreciate functional yet chic base-wear, to use either as cool streetwear or simply as the perfect comfy lounge-wear at home."

"By offering these trendy yet classic pieces in premium qualities, that are as comfortable as they are good-looking, I hope that BAZE-1 can help our customers build a cool base-wardrobe.” 

Erica Kvam

founder of BAZE-1

Ebony Crewneck

850,00 NOK

Ebony Jogger

750,00 NOK

Ebony Crewneck

850,00 NOK

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